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Kill or cure?

BBC NEWS | Health | Waterloo lessons could aid medics

Of the 52 privates in the 13th Light Dragoons wounded by sabre, gunfire and cannon injuries at Waterloo, only two subsequently died.
Professor Singer said: "Despite the non-existence of antibiotics, blood transfusions, life-support machines and other paraphernalia of modern intensive care, most of these soldiers recovered, often from life-threatening injuries.
"Yet with all our technical advances in medicine, mortality rates from conditions such as sepsis (bacterial infection of the bloodstream) haven't improved dramatically over the past century.

Could it be our interventions hinder the body's strategies to heal itself?


I remember a study once showing the damaging impact of insulin shocks, since they increase the flow of blood before wounds have chance to close, therefore the body can not recover.

Or maybe that was just a movie....

I'm constantly amused by the readdmission of necrotic flesh eating maggots and leeches into the medical repetoire. I've not administered 'maggot therapy' yet, though I have handled leeches.

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