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Was I dreaming?

Driving over to Free Market Towers at 7 am on Saturday morning the BBC News came on and I noted a story. I have tried to find it online to bring it to you. All I get is story not found. So did anyone else hear the bleating about how after four years of education about the "unequivocable man made climate change" "agreed by most leading scientists" "worse than terrorism!" the public hadn't changed their mind one bit - exactly the same percentage were worried/unworried about it as back then.
Hurray, I thought - headlines "Public ignore experts" etc - but then nothing more was heard. Maybe I was still suffering from Friday night and just dreamt it. And after a few of Mr FM's Damson Gins and getting some lead into the air - I forgot all about it until today.


I heard it as well, it was on Radio 2

I heard it on the way, not to Free Market Towers, but heading off for a similar morning's pursuits. I didn't actually think about it, I was too busy spluttering about the "from Jan 1st, homeowners will not be allowed to do elctrical repair work in their own homes" story - I can hear that one at the start of the Johnathon Ross show - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio2_aod.shtml?ross

maybe if you fast forward an hour into the show for the next news article....

Sorry, no it isn't there - but I DID hear it, I did. Honest. On the news - Radio 2 at 8 a.m. - it's a slightly longer news segment 5-10 minutes long.
Sorry if I just got anyone to listen to Johnathon Ross.

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