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Bathtime reading

Having been taught biology at Oxford by Dawkins (well Richard's uncle) I always grab the latest pop science book on genes etc. The massive tome for I'm struggling through during my weekly bath is Amazon.com: Books: The Ancestor's Tale : A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution by Richard Dawkins

But why is he such a prat to have short term pops at George Bush when I want to learn why a hippo is closer to a whale than a pig.

As The Sunday Times
Anti-Americanism keeps intruding in the new book. There is a very irrational paragraph on nuclear strategy that stoops to lampooning Bush's pronunciation "nucular"....

Shame as generally I admire him...


nucular is a common pronounciation of this word in the central part of the US. Even so, many of us pronounce it correctly just not everyone. No one takes any notice of it here. Just the MSM and Bush-haters. This unusual pronounciation is merely an idiomatic feature of midwestern and south western American English. We also often say warsh instead of wahsh. In Massachusetts, park is said as pahk, car is said as cah. We all know what is being said and just ignore the regional pronounciation. I lived in Britain years ago and noticed similar regional differences in idiom and pronounciation.

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