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Integrity - look it up.

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Mr Blunkett Made his Comments Outside the Passport Office, Where He Was Arriving for a Scheduled Meeting.

I wouldn't be standing here and I wouldn't have had the support of the Prime Minister or have requested myself on Sunday the review if I thought there was any doubt whatsoever about my integrity.

I have spent 34 years building peoples' trust. I do not intend to throw it away

Yes shagging another man's wife is a mark of integrity, pursuing a "fragile" pregnant women with legal proceedings shows integrity. Trying to prove that two young children aren't the legal father's offspring is integrity. And as for building trust...
Bastard - his behaviour is bizarre and deeply repellent. He should have no place in public life.


But he is blind so perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on him.

You mean he couldn't see what he was doing?

Not a valid defence, for three reasons:

1. Labour's manifesto was anti-sleaze.
2. Labour's "moral" foreign policy bollocks.
3. Labour's wish to direct us how to live our lives. Do as I say or do as I do?

The Daily Politics today thrashed Blunkett pretty badly. I think the tide is turning against him. Neil was particularily hard on the media that is being less than objective on Blunkett because he is blind.

Spent 34 years building trust, with his paranoic tendencies and his totalitarian instincts.

Whose trust exactly did this man win?

I do not trust him and did not before all the stuff about him and Mrs Quinn became pub;lic knowledge. I saw him as a dangerous authoritarian Home Secretary. Since the news of his private came out I have heard nothing else to change my mind as to his trustworthiness.

I'm deeply worried. If Mad dog Blunkett goes, who can we make up names for.

The name game could get a great deal harder and I for one think we will be poorer for it.

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