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BBC tries to get Blogs

BBC NEWS | Technology | Why 2004 was the year of the blog

Blogs also proved very useful to both sides in the US election battle because many pundits who maintain their own journals were able to air opinions that would never appear in more mainstream media.
Speculation that President Bush was getting help during debates via a listening device was first aired on web logs.
Online journals also raised doubts about documents used by US television news organisation CBS in a story about President Bush's war record.
The immediacy of many blogs also helped some wield influence over topics that made it in to national press.

So BBC - so balanced - Bush wired speculation and then a mere "raising of doubts" about CBS - not Rather being found out.


Yeah... number of mainstream media column inches devoted to the theory that Bush was "wired" during the debates: millions.

Column inches devoted to the truth (the bulge in his jacket was caused by his bullet-proof armor): one, if that.

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