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A Frosty Friday tale

A brisk frosty morning - windscreen covered in ice. So while I leave the SUV running outside to warm up, a little tale I was reminded of this morning as I saw an ex-girlfriend drive by peering through a clear space in her windscreen.
Many years ago when she had Daisy Duke legs and had just turned 16 we met clandestinely in the Pub - pretending we weren't going out. She left a few minutes before me and settled herself in my Pickup truck. I walked out and started to clear the windscreen, it had frosted over during the few hours I had been in the Pub. Out walks Big Don on his way to the loo (real pubs all had their loos outside) - "You don't want to like that - let me do it!" and standing by the passengers side he unzipped and started to defrost the windscreen. I'm not sure who was more surprised as the screen cleared and the poor innocent girl was faced with the business end of his todger, or him as he tried to stop 6 pints of Best on its way out.
Ah, Happy Days!


I wouldn't have thought that that would have bothered Don too much; him being a man of the world & all that

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