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The state knows how to spend your money more wisely than you do.

Thanks to Burnt Pig for this.

The Observer | Business | Labour to raid 'dormant' cash

The government is set to raid 15 billion lying 'dormant' in Britain's bank accounts to raise enterprise and skills in some of Britain's hardest-pressed areas.
Assets are regarded as dormant when they are unclaimed in bank accounts unused for at least a year.
Using the billions of pounds languishing unclaimed in financial institutions is to be a key part of Labour's plans to transform run-down inner cities.

Wonderful - you build up a bit of FU money and don't touch it for a year and Robber Brown has had it away! I presume he gives it back if you ask, or does he?


I was going to comment but words just fail me. Literally incredible.

I have an account that I haven't touched for 15 years. One year seems a very low threshold to assume that someone has forgotten about their money.

How could the Halifax - in my case - not be liable for my money that they have given away to Brown?

I didn't realise theft had been nationalised!


FU English! You voted Labour! We have the Sun behind us! We can do what we want!!!


..curls waxed moustache...

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