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Recipe of the Day

Ever so often I look through where visitors come from to this Blog - it is an interesting way to find new places. This link looked interesting so I went to it:

150g smør
300g lyst rørsukker
2 egg
2dl Lyle's Black Treacle (svarteste sirupsasfalt som er)
minst 1 teskje svart pepper
minst 1 teskje ingefær
minst 1 teskje kardemomme
4 teskjeer bakepulver
ca.700g (14dl) hvetemel

I know I'm a monoglot but usually I can work out roughly what something means - but in this recipe all I can see is two eggs, Black Treacle and Black Pepper, Cardomen and Baking Powder - what in the name of all creation does that make?


I think it's a scandanavian christmas cake; some of the other stuff is butter, sugar and flour. "teske ingefaer" is probably some infernal Viking rotten fish delicacy though.

Ingevaer must be ginger. Definitely some kind of Scandehoovian spice cake or biscuits.

ginger nuts

Bit like gingerbread men, I lived in Sweden for 5 years; I think you will find this a Norwegian

You're welcome to borrow my Google tool:


This is a Norwegian recipe, just like my grandmother used to make. Two or three spoons of brandy can be addes to recipe.


150 grams butter
300 grams light cane sugar
2 eggs
2 dl black treacle
At least:
1 tsp black ground pepper
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cardamum

4tsps baking soda
700 grams wheat flour

Whip butter and half ot he sugar till white. Whip eggs and remaining sugar, blend with butter/sugar mix.

Heat treacle till fluid, stir in.

Sift inn flour, soda and spices, make a firm dough.

Leave cold overnight.

Make "sausages" of the dough, dia 1 cm, cut pieces about 1 cm thick. Note, cookies will expand, leave enough place on tray.

Fry in oven at 180 centigrades till they are brown and crusty(12-15 min).


i.e These are cookies

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