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Bloody Americans

Trying to earn a few honest bob by flogging a couple of Boxes of Cuban cigars on Ebay.co.uk to people in this country and I find that I can't:
eBay UK: Help : Community Standards : Policies and Guidelines : Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries

EBay.co.uk Policy on Items From Cuba - As a subsidiary of a US company, US government trading restrictions also apply to eBay.co.uk.
If you Yanks want to have a hissy fit over some smokes in your own country that is up to you - but over here we can smoke what the hell we want to - well almost.
Where is that Stars and Stripes so I can burn it? Sometimes it is easy to understand why Anti Americanism is popular.

Anyone want to buy some cigars?
25 Cuban Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars
Three packets of 5 Sigolov Cohiba.......


I have bought Cuban cigars from ebay recently. Don't mention cuba in the description and mention the ebay terms (eg value not in the contents but in the collectable packaging etc). People who know the brands will discern your cigars are Cuban. Put a digital photo of the cigar boxes showing the Havana stamps etc with your description and you will get some bids. I scour ebay cigar auctions and there is quite a bit of trade goes on. My main problem is discerning fakes and Dominican Cohibas presented as Havanas etc.

PS I recently bought 25 pukka Cohiba Siglo 3 (retail@£260.00) for £89.00 delivered. So don't expect to make much - even though legit Havanas are ludicrously expensive in this country.

PPS email me a full description of your cigars - I am genuinely interested.

Just been to ebay and noticed a couple of lots of Havanas I bid on recently have "disappeared" - but others are still there. The difference seems to be a technicality - don't mention Cuba explicitly, use subtler descriptive techniques and you should be okay.

I am serious about your smokes - use the email address above (the hotmail not excite).


1) They’re way too cheap here in Portugal. I can get no brand Cubans (rather, no brand you’ve heard of) for 5 euros for five coronas.
2) Perhaps do what the Americans do? A thriving trade is conducted by people packing them in boxes in Mexico, that box marked, made in Mexico. As indeed, the box is made in Mexico.


Buy my lovely cigars! I dont give el workeros mucho dineros and they have to make shoe from banana leaves!

but international trade is good for peace and gives me money to keep my workers in place.

Viva il Presidente!

I've got your cigar right here, baby...

Tim - On a subject other than cigars, I noted your comment on Yorkshire's latest rant about you. If you go on over to European Weblog Review, I think you'll note that I take your side. As I said, though, we're an inclusive lot with room for people from Yorkshire as well as other right-thinking people. Sorry about the cigars. Americans have this thing about Cuba, you see, and some people in Congress have decided that extraterritoriality isn't as big a deal as foreigners think it is. Myself, I prefer Punch or on occasion Romeo & Julieta. Cheers, Marc.

All I can add is that its simply the trade embargo, a vestige of the Cold War. I think at this point in time, people may be waiting for that old rotten goat Castro to kick the bucket (or die a violent death) before beginning the process to undo that trade embargo.

Also, if my remembering history is correct, a lot of people still hold a grudge that the Bastard of Cuba pointed nukes at one of our major industrial areas (*coughHoustoncough* - where I live) and they are not likely to forget about it.

From reports I hear, this trade embargo doesnt mean a thing to Castro, because of all the lively business he gets elsewhere, not to mention Hollywood patronage (which is NEVER discussed in detail). Im of the opinion that Castro would fall SOONER if it were lifted. But I think that's the reason why Cuban cigars are not allowed in.

I just finished reading a great book about the real truth behind the CIA, the BUSH/CHENEY, and Tony Blair cover ups. The most devastating terrorist act in history was not the 9-11, it was the rigged voting of million of ballots behind the scene. CRIMES OF THE RIGHT by author HOPE NEWMAN hard cover ISBN is: 0595665748, and is available from: Amazon.com, barnesandnobel.com, and Borders.com.
It is an awesome, suspenseful, and action-packed book. I know you'll love it. Please help spread the word.

I like the ones by Arturo Fuentes...

Keep your sore loser, communist bs raving elsewhere...we don't want to hear it.

Three packets of 5 Sigolov Cohiba?

Although I suspect that the price difference for Germany means that I'm better off going to the "Expensive Cuban Cigar Shopping Zentrum" to get them......

I have box of 25 cohiba esplendidos cigars boxed and sealed all stamped got pictures of opened before sealed and closed with seals on. They are open to best offers...

flag burning is a bad thing
and the actions of low life
regardless of whos flag you are burning
fellow cigar smokers please take note !

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