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Burglar Bashing

Interesting how the Self Defence against Burglar bandwagon is gathering steam:
Latest news
And I have a feeling that "disturbing-out-of touch-with-reality" blogs have helped tip off the wonks and Journos as to the public concerns.


you in a better mood today????

I want to be happy but I don't know - by the time nu-labour get their hands on this wonderful piece of common sense and turn it into some sort of law it will probably be the opposite of its original form...

Makes me happy I moved to Texas! Come in my house, use my gun! You bet! Sounds like y'all are coming around to sane thought! Love it!

Is it just me or does this last post seem a little out of place?

The comment Bellmore refers to was removed - it was an advert for a book - I allowed in another post about Americans but twice is just spamming.

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