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Waste of time

BBC NEWS | Politics | Talks held on Gibraltar's future

Two days of talks on the future of Gibraltar begin at Jack Straw's country residence later on Wednesday

Does it really take two days to say "Oi, Spain! Sod off and keep your noses out of it!"?


If I remember rightly the people of Gibraltar voted on this a while back. The result was near unanimous support for remaining British.

Jack Straw is obviously deaf if he can't hear this. (But we know he is blind already - after shaking hands with Mugabe). Prick.

The people have spoken, Fuck Off

Google provides the answer as ever! So Jack, this is what you should say:

¡Oi, España! ¿El césped apagado y guarda sus narices fuera de él!?

I don't suppose his "country residence" is even in Gibraltar?

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