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A Mighty Declaration of Peace

Gulf Daily News

IRA guerillas yesterday said they would never be "humiliated" by the photographing of their final acts of disarmament - the last sticking point in an Anglo-Irish drive for a Northern Ireland political settlement.
The outlawed group, one of Europe's oldest and deadliest guerilla forces, has destroyed some of its weapons since violence subsided in the British province, but only in secret.
It will allow two local clergymen to join an international monitor to witness the final acts, but says there can be no photographic proof - a formula unacceptable to its Protestant political foes led by 78-year-old preacher Ian Paisley.
"We restate our commitment to the peace process," said a statement from the Irish Republican Army, which draws its support from Northern Ireland's Catholic minority. "But we will not submit to a process of humiliation."
Gerry Adams, leader of the IRA's political allies Sinn Fein, said the statement was "a mighty declaration of peace", creating an opportunity that should not be missed.

In other words just "trust us OK" - Bollocks - why would anyone trust anything the lying toerags said without proof? Yet again they are manipulating the Media in to portraying them as being the poor hard done-by good guys in this and Paisley et al as the unreasonable bigots who are standing in the way of peace.


Err, what about the two clergymen and the international observer?

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