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Shooting next

Countryside Alliance reports.

The ink is barely dry on the Hunting Act but Labour MPs have already moved on to the next item on the animal rights agenda - game shooting. In its report on the draft Animal Welfare Bill, published yesterday, the Labour dominated Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee launched an attack on the rearing of game birds

For this and the whole raft of madness see the report Apart from shooting just skimming through it gives a horrifying insight into the minds of these people. Every concievable activity needs to have reports, official opinions, inspections regulations and more laws...


Sounds a lot like what the NICE was planning in 'That Hideous Strength'. And not just this, either, a lot of what Ken over at NannyKnowsBest.blogspot.com finds out sounds very much like it too.

Coincidence or spooky NuLabour evilness?

Orwell was completely right - just 20 years out with 1984...

It's totally out of whack that some Vegan-inspired PETA-styled minority effort can diminish and influence so mightily the majority. The social fulcrum is in the wrong location, and it's been placed there by the Nannycrat-nitwits.

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