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Boning question

Talking to the Good Colonel and Mr FM I was surprised they were strangely ignorant of the art and science of "Boning". I am sure you, dear reader, being a "man of the world" aren't, but as a bit of fun, for which trade does the following appear on their website?

TREES are more or less essential because of the "boning" process.

Horace Batten Bootmaker (LTD)
"BONING" is a traditional polishing method whereby best quality black wax polish is liberally applied to the boots with a cloth and then brought to a high gloss finish by vigorous rubbing with a deer bone.


And there was me just thinking that boning was another word for sex...

I work as a butler in a large country house and I would like to learn the art of 'boning' leather boots. Do you know where or how I can go about doing this?


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