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Getting the Rap

Sunday Times: No action over D12 claims [ 13dec04 ]

The Sunday Herald Sun said the Detroit-based rap group linked to rap music supremo Eminem said an immigration staff member had told them they must obey certain behaviour codes if they wanted to enter the country when they arrived in Perth on Saturday for the first leg of their Australian tour.
Eminem accused the Federal Government of taking Australia back to the dark ages by reading the riot act to his rap crew members.
An immigration department spokeswoman said today it was standard procedure to ensure anyone entering the country on an entertainment visa met appropriate standards of behaviour.

Sounds Fairy Nuff to me.

I was musing over Mr Eminem's melodic talents at the weekend as a combination of some thirty something successful writer was praising him yet again in the paper and the young people's television started showing his latest "Smash Hit". I have never "got" him at all - what is there to like about his music? I admit his latest had some almost acceptable drumming in it - though if I wanted a decent rat-a-tat-tat I would off to The Union Jack Shop for a CD of the Boys. Other modern Beat Combos are quite acceptable in the background, and others are quite decorative on the screen but Rap - No sorry, I don't get it.

The same goes for Ballet, Electronic Organ Music, Prog Rock, Bruce Springsteen and U2...

So what do I like? - Here is one list of my Desert Island Discs - it would proably be totally different if I wrote it today.


For me it's always been Big Band Music...but to each there own, LOL.

I'm from a town near where eminem hails...and I don't like him or his music either.

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