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More on that Sheep on a Roundabout.

Times Online - Newspaper Edition

AFTER a four-hour stand-off in the middle of a busy roundabout, armed police sparked controversy yesterday when they shot their victim dead for refusing to move..

Of course I'm old enough to remember when a sheep tied to a lampost on a roundabout was THE leisure centre for Swindon...


Surely the police dog teams all to be able to manage to round up a sheep? Come by.

At least it was sheep 'sheep', how long before they start arbitrarily shooting people 'sheep'?

Oh, you can laugh, but sheep can be fierce you know! We should be grateful to have brave police to protect us, provided and politically directed by an honest governing elite. To borrow immortal words from Gilbert & Sullivan (The Peelers of Penzance, or Make My Day on the roundabout) "Go ye heros, go to slaughter, die and every Cornish daughter with her tears your graves shall water"

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