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Where is Mr NBC when you need him?

I faced the annual Treacle Danger tonight as I popped the lid of the Black Treacle tin - best before June 2001 - ignoring the dire warnings not to even open an out of date tin and to dispose of it safely. Not so much as a hiss - still the tin is only half used so maybe by 2008 it will have started to react.
Christmas cake made - now 11 hours in the bottom oven of the Aga - should be lovely and moist!

(I know it should have been made bloody weeks ago but I've been busy - at least we have last years Xmas pudding to rejuvenate with spirits - that should be mature now. What do you mean "Best Before"?)


I made mine back in early Novemeber which is still perhaps a wee bit too late. My girlfriend has been compensating for this be feeding it plenty of rough as a badger's arse brandy. One bite I suspect will be enough to get leathered on.

Mr NBC is currently doing his own "cooking"....

Don't forget to bake the filthy, disgusting coins which have been God knows where, spreading their leaden goodness into the pudding which you will serve to your children. I almost gagged the first time I saw that. No wonder everyone's got blood poisoning.

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