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You're not from around here are you?

Guardian Unlimited Politics | This week | New Dales homes: only locals need apply

A long-awaited challenge to the open housing market is about to be launched across a swath of Northern England, after robust backing from a government planning inquiry.
Virtually all new housing in the Yorkshire Dales will be limited to needy locals and incomers taking existing jobs. The radical plan has been drawn up by all-party and independent members of the National Park authority.
Peter Watson, the head of planning at the park authority, said: "There is no logic in meeting open-market demand in the National Park because we can't build enough houses to bring prices down to levels affordable for local people without destroying the landscape. The obvious approach is to build homes only for people who work here.

Calling all Austrian Economists - can we have some help here please!

Forget all the other arguments against this madness all you are doing is developing Rural Slums where the happy home owner has the rung above him removed - if you are stuck in a cheap locals house how are you ever going to build up your capital to move to a proper grown-ups house?
Of course soon I expect to see Travel Permits and Work Permits having to be shown as you cross the border into the Park - "Your Papers Please"....


Vot? No papers?!? You vile person! You vill akkompony us at VONCE!

On your vay to Veymouth.... A likely story....

Not an Austrian Economist but this is quite obviously blithering idiocy. Plain and Simple.

They should declare independance and run their own immigration, tax (i.e. pay your own way!), and defence policies if they want to do things like this.

This country is buing ruined faster by Labour than I could possible imagine.

They support a system which excludes outsiders, and they call us Eurosceptics xenophobic. That figures.

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