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Tough on Illegal immigrants

BBC NEWS | UK | Ex-Army officer 'denied passport'

A former Army officer who served in Iraq and Kosovo is being denied a British passport, his family has said.
Zimbabwe-born Captain Warwick Strong was turned down because he was out of the UK on duty, his father Colonel Jeremy Strong claimed.
Passport applicants must have lived in the UK for five years, without leaving for more than 90 days in a year.

It seems to me Blunkett would be better sorting outrages like this out rather than bitching about colleagues, dreaming up more schemes and snarking* round the Home Office.

Snarking - Verb - Originally sniffing bicycle seats - Now extended to sniffing recently vacated office chairs for sexual pleasure.


He's not the only one. A pile of kids born to soldiers of the 1st Bn Queen's Own Highlanders in Hong Kong in 1980-1981 have had problems since then as the Consulate lost a years worth of records and the muppets in Whitehall refuse to believe sworn statements from parents, Cos and so on.

Should be like the Yanks - serve in the Forces get passport and citizenship full stop.

Service Guarantees citizenship!

Do you want to know more?

As my wife says: 'I fell in love with a Starship Trooper...' (but I think she was referring more ot my geek factor than Rambo impressions)

He was likely to vote conservative.

We shall tie down our enemies where ever we find them. On horseback, in the Police, in Politics, in Churches, in the British Embassy in Romania.

This is our country now. Move over.

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