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We are all criminals now.

The legacy of nuLabour is summed up in this article:
Times Online - Sunday Times

A leading statistician has warned there are now enough speed cameras to ensure the average driver can expect to face three driving bans in their motoring career, writes Jonathan Leake.
The study found that a typical driver "someone who normally obeys the rules but occasionally lapses" should now see occasional bans as almost inevitable.

In a research paper published in Mathematics Today, Rose Baker, professor of statistics at Salford University, says that with 4,500 cameras in Britain "the average driver will face a driving ban every 15 years".
Baker also says that, far from habitual speeders being singled out by the cameras, being caught is "a lottery".

According to her formula, the average driver can expect to clock up a speeding offence every two years. However, no driver will accumulate offences at exactly the average. Some will be caught for several offences in a short time, others may go for years without speeding near a camera.

This random variation means a quarter of drivers will get enough points to be banned every seven years. At the other end of the scale the randomness means about 9% will get through their motoring lives without a ban at all.

ďAll these motorists would be driving in an identical way, perhaps breaking the speed limit a bit but not often,Ē said Baker. ďThe reason for this effect is simply the growing number of speed cameras.Ē

In another article Jeremy Clarkson says: "Every single day there is a small piece in the papers that announces the introduction of a law banning something which you thought was harmless. And hereís the thing. You raise your eyebrows momentarily and then you turn the page.

Itís only when you add up the number of new laws that have come along since His Toniness grinned his way into No 10 that you realise just how much of our freedom heís tried to erode in the past seven years.

Last week Boris Johnson told us that you may not legally fix a broken window pane in your own home unless you are a qualified broken window mender and that when the work is done you must get it inspected by a broken window inspector from the local council. Furthermore, it is against the law to change or tamper with the electrical sockets in your own kitchen.
....To be honest, however, none of this interference is going to make any difference to my life. Thatís why Iím not whingeing, because I shall continue to call people while driving, and tell them stories that Cherie Blair would find offensive.

Furthermore, Iíll carry on calling two people who share body parts Siamese twins. I will eat as much cheese as I like and I will still give my dog a whole packet of prawn-cocktail-flavoured crisps whenever she rips a rat to pieces.

This evening Iím thinking of smacking the children. For fun. And then, when I go to bed tonight, after Iíve altered all the wiring in my kitchen and drunk two bottles of wine Iíll leave the outside lights on. And dream about the glimpse of G-string I saw in the office last week.

In other words, in a single day I will break 14 laws and seven social taboos that simply didnít exist before Tony came along. And I shall do so with impunity because thereís no way in hell he can possibly enforce all his Big Ideas."

In other words the law has become a lottery and lost respect. If everyday decent people have to break the law to live normal lives what chance is there for an orderly society? Combine that with a zealous zero-tolerance brigade and you get random and vicious prosecutions for acts everyone is doing.
It is breakdown of traditional British society - we all go in fear of the police and prosecution all the time.
What a state we live in!

One upside is that I predict that Hunting will continue as before, with the careful use of actions to provide a cover of legality - see:

Mass hunt protest planned

More than 250 hunts will meet to hunt legally in protest at the hunting ban on 19 February, the day after the Act comes into force


To drive the point home the hunters should turn their attentions to the urban fox for a week. I would love to see a hunt go through the gardens of the Labour elite in London.

You will cry in disbelief! You will laugh at the irony! They are
more chaotic than all the Carry On and Norman Wisdom films put together! They will affect your lives in the most unimaginable ways!

Many know him as Big Ed Tony and his gang from the west-side. To the rest of us the are simply known as “The Fockers”!

‘Coming into your home any time after the next election!’

Hi Tony you privileged ‘Arshole’ when is Great British Public going to kick you and the New Labour arseholes out of office?

I hated the Tories when they were in government, they wanted to wipe out the working classes. (Myself and many sparks in the country voted you in 1997.) however, you lot are 10 times worse, the so-called ‘New Labour’ want to wipe out the English. You are killing off the indigenous, through culture and history and mass immigration into the UK, now you are smashing the skilled working classes. You seem to have forgot, that it was the working classes that gave us the Labour Party, you are a Cookcoo and you may be sussed very soon!

Independent electricians might as well join the rest of those indigenous who have fled from this small island! Funny how ‘White Flight is not an issue up for discussion! Did our parents and grandparents fight the Nazis in vain to let in this new fascist scum? I am electrician of thirty years experience and served a JIB journeyman time served indentured City& Guilds apprenticeship. What was my five years apprenticeship and twenty-five years on the tools for? So you tossers can tell me that I am now not competent!

Why should I have to join a trade association and pay several hundred pounds annually for the privilege to work, or put up my prices for the privilege of some twat (spouting building regs) from the council and checking my work?

PS when are you going to bring in the permits that allows one to Crap!

Two pages to follow

Page 1

To The Big DIY Stores Wickes, B&Q , Homebase etc.

Please pass this letter to your Managing or Chief Executives Directors.

On behalf of qualified electricians and competent DIY’ers in the UK I would like to inform you of a new Nanny State ruling that will affect your electrical market turn-over and perhaps wipe it out altogether!!!!

Regarding the new rules for domestic wiring around the home confirms to one and all that we have truly arrived at the predictions of George Orwell’s Big Brother.
It is F—cking unbelievable that I am now about to be criminalized by new working practices in the field of electrical installations! Since January 1st 2005 anyone not complying with the government’s new edit on domestic installation leaves themselves open to prosecution.

The new rules about electrical installations state that the local authority’s building department must be notified and a completion certificate issued by them! Up until now all competent electricians who were fully trained could issue a BS 7671 certificate when they had completed an electrical installation.

In reality it now means that an independent professional electrician will have to take a back-seat where his expertise is concern. It means that any wiring in the kitchen, bathroom or outside will have to be passed new state laws. This is bull-shit for the independent electrician he will now have to join a so-called charity quango like the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for the Electrical Installation Contracting) who will be rubbing the little sweaty hand together like Rumblestilkskins. Why should qualified indentured apprenticed J.I.B (Joint Industry Board) electricians have to prove their competence on a yearly basis to those who will make big bucks out of these new rules?
Some points:
Who is going to pay the several hundred pounds that it costs to belong to these so-called trade associations? The costs will be passed on to the public! Even if you want to remain independent, (what electrician with 10, 20 or 30 years plus experience wants sign up to this?) you can submit this new certificate and have a body from the planning office say your work is ok, but at what cost?

Example a double socket installed into your kitchen could costs between £100 and £200. But now if an independent electrician wanted to opt out of any trade associations, a certificate from the building-planning department will be charged for the above job, another £75 to £150 quid. Also what about the knock on effect to the big stores like Wicks and B&Q etc?

Page 2

OK it was quite tragic that the MPs daughter was electrocuted. (This is a recent story from September 2004) Yes, stop cowboys we all agree but if some body is competent, you can check their qualifications and get references from them. What is happening is an infringement of our civil liberties. What the hell is this government doing? Stopping competent DIY-ers and independent electricians it’s not on, a voluntary code of practice should have been sought.

Why not check everyone out for competence: Doctors, Dentists, Mechanics, Radio presenters, journalists anyone whose health or well-being could be effected by someone’s actions. It is a pity MPs are not yet been mugged regularly or been hit in a car by an uninsured asylum seeker or even had a soldier son in Iraq. How quick would these problems have tyrannical measures taken against them before you could say Jack Robinson!! But our MPs know best in our new Nanny state!!!!

(Sorry I can’t give you my full details because I think I will be breaking this new law!!! I hope your companies can put pressure on and change this new ruling so that qualified electricians who are independent or those that do part-time private work can carry on buying your products and are not force out of the domestic electrical installation by the this ruling. The big electrical companies will then have a monopoly and they will not but your product anyway. Time is short this undemocratic law (we the electricians were not consulted on something that will effect out existence!) came in to force on January 1st 2005

I think only 250 companies were contacted who have a vested interest in this change were contacted for their input. Some where in the region on 200,000 electricians were not!!!!!!!!

Skilled and Competent Electricians in the UK are about to loose their autonomy in overseeing their own work! If it works well for the Americans and we seem to always folllow them. (After all, the over the top 'Political Correct' culture came from the USA) Why are is the Labour Government, putting into place something that would be more at home under a communist regime?

Thanks for nothing, Steve

God save the English indeed Steve.

fantastic rant......thank you

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