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Captain Euro - Superhero!

I thought I would catch up with the latest thrilling adventure of Captain Euro as "one brave man maintains perpetual vigilance" defending "the shining symbol of strength through unity". "In this climate of constant change The European Union, a union of prosperity and innovation, has emerged as a global superpower". Golly Gosh - can he save us from the evil Dr D.Vider (gettit?)...
To see the animated adventure you have to register - and so far they haven't sent the password to "bollockstotheeu - at anenglishmanscastle.com" If they do I will share it with you - it also asks for suggestions on the registration page - I left a couple I'm sure you can as well!


What pisses me off is that public money was probably spent on this blatant bit of soviet-style propaganda.

Some jobsworth in Brussels is being paid a fat salary to think up little wheezes like this and then get his buddies in the "independent" communications consultancies to create them.

Quite frankly I sometimes wonder if we shouldn't have left them all to the tender mercies of Messrs Hollernzollen and Hitler.

I would rather have kids in Europe watching Captain Euro, than Captain America!

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