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Welcome to the new Home Secretary

With Blind Lemon Blunkett gone to spend more time with other people's families there has been a cabinet reshuffle and we welcome the new man:

Fungus the Bogeyman(TM) fungus_137.gif

'A vivid and truly vile creation'
The Times

Breaking News!

The lovably loathsome character is coming to the small screen in a mix of live action and animation and will ooze with fun for all of the family!

Learn to draw Fungus the Bogeyman. It is fun for the whole family!

And what is Fungus' background? - my well thumbed copy of The Socialist Worker has this to say about him:

CHARLES CLARKE, chairman (unelected) of the Labour Party, last week declared his love for the US under George W Bush. In his youth, he admitted, "I was a strong opponent of the foreign policy of the US," and campaigned over issues such as US support for fascist states in Greece, Spain and Portugal, US support for dictatorships in Latin America, and the use of US troops in Cambodia and Vietnam.

But now, says Clarke, things have changed. Now we must all consider the proposition that the US is "a force for good". I knew Charles Clarke in his youth. I vividly recall my first National Union of Students (NUS) conference in Scarborough in 1975.

I was a bewildered first time delegate. Clarke was the NUS president. He had been elected as a member of the Broad Left. Just like now, this involved him ignoring the record of a brutal superpower. The only difference is that now the power is the US-then it was the USSR. The Broad Left was dominated politically by the Communist Party. Under Charles Clarke, the NUS was sucking up to Stalinist bureaucrats from Russia and Eastern Europe.

I remember an eye-opening debate about Chile (this was less than two years after General Pinochet had seized power). Instead of building solidarity with Chilean workers and students, the NUS had jointly organised an expensive seminar with the Russian-run International Union of Students on the issue.

Chilean revolutionaries (who might have criticised the Communist Party) were barred from this gathering. The fake Czech student union (a puppet of the state) was allowed to attend.

So Clarke's story is partly an old one about a man who went from admiring Stalinism to backing US imperialism. But perhaps there is another twist. At the same time as he was NUS president, Clarke was also chairman of the World Youth Council. This had well documented CIA links.


But can Fungus sing Fred Astaire songs as well? Sorry. I'm still laughing at the thought of that.

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