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Sign me up to the 1952 committee

The England Project going to try and keep track of previously pro-Tory bloggers who have decided not to vote Tory because of their support for ID cards. Because any such list demands a name I'm calling it The 1952 Committee. I believe that this was the year in which the Churchill government ended post war ID cards

I could be persuaded back if they came out as a proper low (flat?) tax party, demanded ID cards were like other emergency terrorist legislation and the law had to be renewed each year, took a much stronger line on Europe and arranged the public hanging of Ted Heath, Chris Patten, Ken Clark, Leon Brittain......


The hanging idea is a sure-fire vote winner - you could also add gratuitous public flogging for the likes of Ken Livingstone, Jon Snow, Piers Morgan...the list goes on and on. Oh yes- and if the Tories proposed a possible invasion of France - that should clinch it!

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