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More on Kennet Council

Councillors to get huge expenses rise

KENNET councillors are assured a very merry Christmas having given themselves a whacking 52.4 per cent rise in basic allowances.

Opposition groups were astonished when the ruling Tory group proposed raising the basic amount to 4,000 from 2,625, despite the Independent Remuneration Panel recommending a much more modest 2.8 per cent rise.

..Council leader Chris Humphries said the increases had been put forward by the Independent Remuneration Board.

Coun Humphries said a recent national survey had showed he is the poorest paid leader of any local authority in the UK.

Either the Review recommended 2.8% rise or we believe Coun Humphries and believe they recommended a 52.4% rise - which is it? Councillor Humphries complains he is the poorest paid leader in the country - following my little spat with Kennet Council and judging by his bizarre, illogical and petulant letter to me I would guess he is seriously overpaid for his abilities.


Did I miss something?

I thought local councillors (or cooncillors as we call them up here) were supposed to be volunteers, and expenses were just that - expenses.

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