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Foul Emblem

Stolen from The Anglo Saxon Chronicle

A Sussex pub landlord faces legal action for flying the EU flag The Argus Report here

The flag was spotted by a disgruntled resident who complained to the Council about the "foul emblem", which apparently offends him when he has to walk past it. The Council ruled "The EU flag is not a national flag and thereby falls within the same category as any advertising-type flag. These require advertising consent from the council."

A quick hurray for a Council Enforcement Officer - never thought that before!
And guess what the Lib-Dems think...

Councillor Bob Smytherman, leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition on the council, said he was appalled.

He said: "The Lib Dems are the pro-European party. I don't see a problem with the EU flag. I think we should fly it from the town hall personally.

Oh I don't know Councillor Smytherman! I can think of a much better use of the townhall flagpole - I'm off to get the piano wire....


Good work 'disgruntled resident' fellah!
We see this flag of occupation far too much for my liking, the only time I wish to see it is when it is in flames.

I'll hold the legs whilst you knot the wire.

Then, when we're done, you can come Over Here and help me with some of our own local dickheads.

Sorry, I forgot to add the link:


Fortunately, since the article was written, a judge told the school district heretics to get knotted.

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