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Bah Humbug!

BBC NEWS | England | Bristol | School ban on 'dangerous' tinsel

Pupils at a South Gloucs. school have been banned from wearing tinsel to a non-uniform day because teachers say it could cause litter and be dangerous.
Staff at Chipping Sodbury school say the tinsel could cause injury if pupils tried to strangle each other.
Children were sent home with a letter citing "health and safety reasons" for the ban.
South Gloucs Council said the day was "far from being against the spirit of Christmas"

Actually the pupils have been taught an excellent lesson which will serve them well in the future - Petty tyrants are everywhere and will use the excuse of "protecting you" for banning things!


But a kid who took apart the pencil sharpener and slashed another kid's neck is in school.

Sometimes The Onion can't beat life.

As this happens to be my wife's old school, pehaps she can tell us how many kids died in Christmases past because of this deadly peril (and whether or not the school uniform includes a necktie)

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