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The US Mail - Big Brother

Some of my colonial readers may have noticed the USPS is introducing self-service kiosks to make life easier - but not just easier..
"US Postal Service self-service postage machines take portrait-style photographs of customers" - No warning or notice of this is displayed. It is part of the "Intelligent Mail" program. "A report issued on July 31, 2003 by a Presidential Commission on the Postal service called for the USPS to "explore the use of sender identification for every piece of mail, commercial and retail" as part of a broader plan to introduce Intelligent Mail."

So they want to know your Christmas Card list - for your own good of course!

EPIC Postal Privacy Page


There is hardly any place we can go in the US that we aren't being photographed, but you might note that we have not been attacked again, either!

All British post offices (that is, the handful still open) have security cameras; as do almost all retail stores and many charity shops for that matter. Something to do with the country being awash with thieves apparently.
The US Mail collects from your own home six days a week and I haven't noticed a spy camera on my mailbox yet..........

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