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Proud to be a "woolly Liberal"

Times Online - Britain

Full speed ahead on ID cards that are 'good for you'

CHARLES CLARKE today accuses critics of identity cards of “liberal woolly thinking” and spreading false fears as he pledges not to waver from David Blunkett’s controversial plans.
A spokesman for the civil rights group Liberty said: “If opponents of identity cards are woolly liberals, what does that make George W Bush? He has ruled out ID cards in the US on the grounds that they will have not one iota of effect on terrorism and will seriously undermine civil liberties.”
In an attempt to placate opponents Mr Clarke says that the legislation will not make it compulsory to carry a card, and will not give powers to the police to stop individuals and demand to see their card.

So what is the point of them again?

Baroness Thatcher was also reported yesterday to be strongly against ID cards. She told a private meeting that they were a “Germanic concept completely alien to this country”. The Lib Dems oppose the Bill.

I always knew that Thatcher was a Woolly Tofu munching sandal wearer - Just like Bush!

Clarke says "It would be profoundly civil libertarian because it promotes the most fundamental civil liberty, the right to live free from crime and fear."

He says critics are “woolly” and spreading fears when they claim that cards will erode liberties and usher in the Big Brother society or a police state."

And the clocks struck thirteen....


What's the problem with id cards?
Here in Kuwait, we've had id cards for 12 years (called Civil Id cards).
They make Identification simple.

What's wrong with them? That's a presumption of innocence. When it comes to state action, we have to have a presumption of guilt. So, it is up to the government to give reasons why they would be a good thing. So far they have yet to do so. Introducing these cards will fundamentally change the relation between citizen and state, and make it more like the relation between subject and state.

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