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A must read Article

Prisoner JW7874

So you think you live in a free country?
You really think that? Well, let me tell you that you do not. On Saturday night, 11.35pm, I had two uniformed policemen at the door, threatening to kick it in unless I opened it. When I opened the window to talk to them, one pushed the window fully open, sweeping the china onto the sink, and climbed into the house.

Were they attending the scene of a serious crime? Forget it - that takes days. Were they dealing with a serious criminal? Well you judge that. While the usual Saturday night mayhem was breaking our in Bradford centre, stretching police resources to breaking point, these policement were out debt collecting - on behalf of the state...


I can well believe it. There are three of us in a 1-bedroomed bungalow, yet we pay band B. I'm assuming band A includes 2-8 bedroom houses. I dread to think what band C is. A cardboard box?

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