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Student re-education

St Andrews union bans student newspaper | Samizdata.net

The Saint, the award-winning tabloid student newspaper at the University of St Andrews, has been banned by the student union..

I gather from Bishop Hill that once the staff have "staff have undergone diversity awareness training" they will allowed to publish provided that "the editor should in future send each issue to
the university's press office to check that it is not in breach of discrimination policy before the paper goes to the printers.".

All for joking about dyslexic Welshmen or something!

Students just don't get Free Speech do they?

It wasn't much different 25 years ago when I nearly got rusticated from College for allowing the Sports Editor of the newspaper to pad out his column with the results from the "Rape a Whale" contest (No rape actually occured or animals hurt during the contest) and the "Knock a Rabbi Out of Bed Tournament". Seemed harmless to me.....


Meme me, baby. And here I thought the Welsh hated Charlotte Church, and would be glad to be rid of her? That's what the Sun always says..

"Students just don't get Free Speech do they?"

Of course they do. Everyone is free to say what the Union permits them to say.

You can email your comments to the President of the Students' Union if you wish - pres@st-andrews.ac.uk

He hasn't replied to me, even though (or perhaps because) I am a graduate of the place. But at least me must know how many mails he's getting. Make his day - send a few more.

Andrew, he hasn't replied because he has 3 months off for Xmas, being a hard-pressed student.

I donot understand english political corectness.

Even more why do you permit islam to be legal while muslims preach it is acceptable to murder any converts?

Sounds like your socialist goverment is political corectness gone mad.

Racism is a line free speech cannot be allowed to cross. The student paper crossed it, and therefore the union acted correctly.

With the socialists controlling your free speach, perhaps you english need to just say "OK I am a racist" and take back your free speech and send the socialists to the gulag.

2 years in sub zero temperatures and cold watery soup should re-education them. If they die, so what.

Socialism is a kind of class based "race"ism.

Ban it now!

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