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10 a year

BBC NEWS | UK | DIY electricians face large fines

DIY electricians face big fines from Saturday but many are unaware of the new legislation, a survey suggests.
The new regulations mean work more complicated than replacing a plug socket or changing a light switch can require official approval.

Dangerously-fitted electrics cost the lives of an average of 10 people a year,..
The government opted for legislation because of a rising number of deaths due to amateur electrical work.

No! They legislated for the same reason a Dog licks its balls - because they can. I could easily make a case that DIY electrics save more than 10 lives a year - a heater to keep Granny warm, a mains powered smoke detector - moing a socket to a safer place etc.

And on the subject of ten deaths a year:


Thousands of deer are killed or injured on the UK's roads every year, with 10 motorists dying in crashes involving deer.

So music to Mr FMs ears - BBC NEWS | UK | Plan to control deer population

Proposals to control wild deer numbers are being published by the government. ...
Defra is heralding the strategy as the first modern framework for tackling the management of wild deer.

The(y) say that despite the role of the government, the primary responsibility for deer control will remain with landowners.

Sorry - what role has the Government got in this? Or are they going to be handing out the ammunition....


They could probably save a lot nmore than ten lives per year by:

Not letting rapists out of jail early / at all,
Arresting all the illegal immigrant mafia types,
Stopping single mothers living with violent boyfriends,
Adding a few cleaning staff to the NHS,

I could go on. Unfortunately all of these are based on prejudiced conservative view of the world. So the lives saved would not count.

DEFRA involved-God help us all

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