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First Campaign I'm joining this year


When it's blowing a gale outside and raindrops are coursing down a steamed-up kitchen window there are few culinary sights more welcoming than a bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato soup or a generous pile of Heinz Baked Beans heaped over a doorstep of freshly toasted white bread.
These meals may not please the food fascists who appear to run this tin-pot nation... but they are our birthright and a staple food of the Englishman’s nursery. They are a culinary retreat that harks back to childhood and a time when the world was a safer place and David Blunkett wasn't waiting to give you a thick ear for not carrying your national identity card.
So imagine my surprise when, on opening a couple of cans of these products over the Christmas break, I discovered that some lentil-eating, Guardian-reading do-gooder at Heinz had decreed that a large dose of salt and sugar be removed from both products.....


I think we should form a 57 Varieties Committee. No more Heinz until our beans are restored to their full sugary salted glory!

....what about "Free the Heinz 57" campaign ????

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