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Took the brood out for a quick trip to a local village about ten miles from here:

Imber... an isolated village on Salisbury plain was requisitioned by the War Office a week before Christmas 1943. Villagers were told at the beginning of November that they had to pack up and leave. In just over a month the area was evacuated and the village literally vanished off the map.
The villagers, praised for the sacrifice they were making towards the war effort, were promised that their village would be returned to them after the Second World War.
It never happened and the villagers remained in exile.

Very poignant - especially with families and tiny children cycling up the barren street..
How it was.. A gallery of photographsof how it is now.


forgotten how many time I fought the 'Battle of Imber' ... happy days; plus it is also rabbit central - always worth taking a 12g along as well!

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