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Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide

U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said Britain will give ``hundreds of millions of pounds'' in tsunami disaster aid,
Once the situation and needs have been assessed, ``we will far and away more than match the generosity of the British people,'' Blair said during a British Broadcasting Corp. radio interview today in London. Britons have donated 76 million pounds ($140 million) so far, and the U.K. government has pledged 50 million pounds.

Read that again slowly - the Government will match the money the public has given - with whose money exactly? Isn't it easy to be generous with other people's money!


I reckon all aid monies should be raised by the public alone. Government assistance should be restricted to deployment of military assets like hospital ships and rescue vehicles. Charity isn't charity unless it is freely given. I have sent a significant contribution already. I don't want HM Govt exploiting that by giving away even more of my money. Besides, I reckon this thing has already turned into a bandwagon, and all sorts of rancid retired rock stars, toothy insincere clergymen, self-absorbed TV journalists and plastic politicians are piling on with a vengeance. There was a time when the British knew how to conduct themselves with dignified restraint. Before conspicuous compassion became a service industry.....

stop paying money to Tony Blair.

Reduce the size of your business.
Register your company offshore.
Cancel your tv license.
Sack 10% of your workers.
Shop in countries with no socialist government - eg Amazon.com

it is very easy.

Not to mention the Gift tax - up to 28% - on all monies collected unless the donors fill out the relief envelopes !!

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