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Tory Sense

BBC NEWS | England | Kent | MP condemns three-minute silence

The three-minute silence for victims of the Asia tsunami is "the worst kind of gesture politics", according to the Conservative Party vice-chairman.
Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet in Kent, said the UK public did not need a "state-imposed" silence to express their feelings.
His comments came on the day a missing family from his constituency were found to be safe and well in Indonesia.

It needed saying - but of course Mr Howard is too frit to endorse anything as robust as this..

And the family found safe - poor bloody kids - especially the one named Zurubbabel, aged nine.


I think that this is part of the mawkish New Britain that Boris Johnston was refering to when he criticised Scousers.

I was particularly saddened by this tragedy because I travelled around Sri Lanka a few years back and many of the friends I made have undoubtedly been made homeless or killed. However, I have no desire to participate in a faux mass grieving / rememberance ceremony. Call me churlish but I find it distasteful, especially when the majority didn't know or care about those people and countries prior to the catastrophy.

It seems that grief or sadness has to be public and overly sentimental in order to be valid these days. Something the British public have learnt from our hand-wringing and voice-a-trembling Prime Minister. Mawkish indeed. Sick-making infact.

Posturing and public displays have replaced introspective thought and reflection. Ah well, I'm off to lay flowers on Princess Diana's tomb - she would have preferred me to give money to UNICEF but the trouble is that nobody will see me doing the latter and think highly of me.

It takes a special kind of person to quibble over this. Like your headline suggests, a member of the 'forgetful majority' as Howard now wishes you to call yourselves.

I think it's mawkish and rahter distasteful. The millions who died in the First World War and the millions who died in the concentration camps of the Second World War only warrant one minute's silence. Anyway, why was it a Europe-wide silence? Since when did an economic bloc of nations take orders over this type of thing from a bunch of gnomes in Luxembourg?

I wasn't exactly quibbling, just pointing out that it's symptomatic of the way things are these days. You do as you please.

I'd rather that we weren't compelled into this sort of mawkish behaviour and then self-congratulated on our adherence to it by the Sun and the TV news. It's all rather pathetic.

I didn't participate in the three minute silence. Maybe that makes me a bad person. Or maybe it just makes me the type of person that doesn't require the government to tell me when and how I should reflect upon the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

I also agree that people that laid down their lives fighting Hitler are more deserving of three minutes rememberance than people that died accidently.

What next, ten minutes silence for the million that die of malaria every year? Why not? At least it would help educate people, whereas this exercise simply seems to be a form of catharsis for a secular society.

And in england they ban guns and give crinimals the right to break into your home and steal anything and if you use a firearm to defend your home you go to jail and the crinimal gose free are you glad were no longer a british colony anymore?

Tis kind a ol Stephen to be pointin out that wim be all special like that. Thank ye kind maaster.

(Tugs forelock)

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