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Say Hi to the new Girls

Finally I have picked them up:

my British Lee Metford MkII converted to a .22 trainer and
Marlin Model 1894C in .357 Magnum/.38 Special caliber.

Thanks to Kim for helping choose them (do I get my Welcome to The Nation of Riflemen Badge now?) and Mr FM for the time he will spend in the future with them...
35 for 100 .357 ouch!
I'm out of here; I have better things to do for the rest of the day.


35 for 100 - cheap ..... .308 Ferderals are 1 / round.

So, what are we up to over the weekend????

Hi tim! Beautiful girls! Have one or two stashed away here as well. One of them is a restored piece my husband inherited from his father...at least a hundred years old.

I wanted to let you know that you can replace the url for Brazos de Dios with my Tributaries url if you wanted to. I am up and running as it were, although I have decided I am really not going to try and compete with the volume of the big guys. I admit that I cannot.

Anyway, hope all is well your side of The Pond!

I just realized that the link in the above post is INCORRECT.


Excellent stuff. Too bad we can't ship you some .357 cheapies from Over Here (T's Guns & Ammo): $8.95 / 100 (at current exchange rates, about 75p).

No doubt, your rozzers would object, for some reason.

When you and the other Englishmen/women come over (hint, hint), we'll try to get you acquainted with more errrrrr exotic weaponry.

glad to see that you have good taste in firearms. Marlin lever rifles are amongst my favorites.

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