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Personal Responsibility on the Road

Wiltshire County Council has tested removing white lines from the centre of urban roads and found that accidents fell by 35 per cent

Times Online - Britain

...research from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany has shown that traffic lights and road signs deter road-users from taking responsibility for their actions. A driver simply looks at the colour of the light rather than at people wanting to cross. Far from making junctions safer, the array of signs and markings on modern roads distract road-users from the task of safely negotiating a route past other people.
The concept of "shared space" was pioneered in the Netherlands, where traffic lights and signs were removed from several junctions. Despite widespread predictions of chaos and carnage, the approach has reduced the number of crashes and made car journeys quicker.

Outragous; letting people take personal responsibilty - surely it is the job of the Council to tell us what to do every time, all the time!
When I worked in Newbury there was a large roundabout where I had to join the main road to start driving home. Some nights it would take 20 minutes to get through there. The lights on it were dodgy and so regularly they would fail and it was a free for all - without fail the traffic flowed quicker and safer in those cases!
One of the first, if not the first, experiment was in Devizes where I now work and it works really well, both as a driver and a pedestrian. But even though removing white lines cut the number of accidents they were being pressured to replace them in case they were sued for the lack of them after an accident...


Me, I call this the "yellow line effect". People will park in the most most mind-bogglingly stupid places so long as there's no yellow line(s). The Highway Code still says "don't park closer to a junction than 15 yards" but if there's no yellow line then Dopey Joe will park right on the corner itself.

I think government generally and our present incumbents in particular believe: "Everybody is stupid except us".


You may have noticed also, that when a roundabout or junction is congested, the police will sometimes intervene to control the flow of traffic in and out by waving their arms about importantly etc etc.

Invariable result - even larger jams.

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