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What about England's Indigenous People?

I can't find which blog I saw this on, so sorry for that:

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Mixed views on UN indigenous decade

After 10 years of hard work, the UN's decade for indigenous people ended this month without a bang.
In 1994, hopes were high that the agency could fight their cause and secure a declaration on the rights of indigenous people, to stand alongside the universal declaration on human rights.

"Indigenous peoples are the third-class citizens ... in virtually every country they live in."
Their land has been taken away, their sustainable use of land dismissed, and their cultures have been denigrated, he says.

"People need to realise that there are different ways of living and these people shouldn't be seen as backwards," says Stephen Corry, director of Survival International...

For societies that survive on hunting, gathering and fishing, the loss of legal rights over land they may have lived on for centuries is particularly hard.

UN: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

...For indigenous peoples all over the world the protection of their cultural and intellectual property has taken on growing importance and urgency. They cannot exercise their fundamental human rights as distinct nations, societies and peoples without the ability to control the knowledge they have inherited from their ancestors...


Dear sir,

I have tried to contact the U.N. DIRECTLY and ask them what they think indigenous means and just how long it takes for a group to become indigenous. Well certain groups state that they are indigenous then some body like the U.N. will say rather limpl, but everyone originates from africa or something equally stupid.


" 'People need to realise that there are different ways of living and these people shouldn't be seen as backwards,' says Stephen Corry, director of Survival International..."

Yeah, okay. So if the people of Papua New Guineau (say) don't have a decent phone system, or MRI scanners, or a hospital that can do more than hand out aspirin, they're not backward?

Errrr I just realized that the above could also apply to France.

So sorry.

An example of this kind of silliness can be seen with the Native Americans and Kennewick Man - here. Just because you have lived in a place for a long time doesn't mean that you are correct. Appreciating different cultures is fine, but there comes a point where it becomes completely silly.

It was on my blog, I think.





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