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BBC NEWS - Search Results For "Dino Rossi" Gregoire

There are no pages about ""Dino Rossi" Gregoire" from BBC News .

For the non-wonks among you this is about Washington State :GUBERNATORIAL RESULT
Democrat Christine Gregoire becomes governor after beating Republican Dino Rossi by a margin of 129 votes out of 2.9 million ballots cast. And there are allegations of fraud and mistakes. Whereas the Ohio allegations were well aired (the close vote went GWB's way) this one is being ignored.

If you are feeling that there is story there may I point you to Sound Politics

1) King County alone counted 3,539 more votes than the number of people who actually voted.
2) King County "discovered" additional ballots 9 different times.
3) King County disenfranchised some soldiers in Iraq who never received their ballot.
4) Poll workers fed many provisional ballots directly into counting machines, commingling them with legal ballots and circumventing the process of keeping thm out of the count if they proved to be illegal.
5) Elections workers "enhanced" more than 55,000 ballots, but contrary to state law, they permanently obscured the original marks on many, preventing a review of their decisions.
6) In a recent KING 5 poll, a majority of voters do not view the results of the election as legitimate and believe there should be another election.


The press here in Washington State is treating those points as non-issues. The usual response is a soundbyte from Christine Gregoire, or Gary Locke, the outgoing governor, excoriating Dino Rossi for trying to steal the election.
It's very frustrating.
Great blog. I'll be linking to ya!

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