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BBC on US Asia Help

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(Colin Powell's) reference to "American values" is not unusual or unexpected. It fits in with the American neo-conservative view that there is no contradiction between US foreign policy as carried out in Iraq and elsewhere and its readiness to help in disasters.
President Bush himself sprinkles his speeches with references to extending "liberty" around the world.
He regards an American "helping hand" to the needy as part of that effort. Mr Powell, though not one of the ideologues of an administration he is about to leave, shares that position. In his book, America is one of the good guys.

Note the "sneer" marks and general tone - and the whole "in depth" coverage on other webpages is about UN, EEC, conferences, committees, with barely word about Grunts actually getting there and doing the job when it is needed - now.

For other views examples are at:
EU Referendum
and The Diplomad

..the very low opinion The Diplomad has of the UN and its wasteful, cynical "relief" agencies, in particular the notably odious UNICEF. The Diplomad has tried to give our readers a taste of just how truly obscene these agencies are and how they feed off the misery of the world's poor and the money of world's rich. The Diplomad also has been and remains very critical of the response of local people to the tragedy that has befallen their compatriots.

That said, The Diplomad does not want to get a reputation as just a bearer of very bad news. There are some people out there doing a lot for the victims of the December 26 quake and tsunami. We've already repeatedly mentioned the Australian and American militaries, and we can add the armed forces of Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand to that list.


The sneer quotes around "liberty" is a good one isn't it? Presumably in the BBC's book, the Afghans have recently been enslaved by the Americans. And the Iraqis must be living in fear about having the possibility of voting for their own leaders thrust at them by wicked Mr Bush.

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