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Thousands 70 to die

BBC NEWS | Health | 'vCJD timebomb' fears discounted

High numbers of future deaths in the UK from the human form of mad cow disease are unlikely, researchers have said.
The Imperial College team calculate there will be around 70 future deaths...

Which of course has upset other researchers such as:

The CJD Surveillance Unit said predicting the extent of vCJD was very difficult, but said the more research was carried out, the more secure their jobs would be accurate predictions could be.


I am thinking of the doubling of the already hours-long wait at the Romanian-Hungarian border in 2001. Not that those two countries cared, particularly, but they wanted to keep their trade with the western Europeans, who were quite spooked by Mad Cow.

It had a big effect on me as well. I basically stopped eating beef in 2000. That is hard to do. Circumstances forced me three times to eat beef in that time. It is great to learn that my fears were mostly unfounded.

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