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Blatent Bribe

Telegraph | Money | Child trust 250 is no bribe, says Brown

Gordon Brown denied yesterday that distributing vouchers worth at least 250 each to millions of parents, months before the election, might be seen as a bribe.

Gordon might not see splashing other people's money around as bribery but he cannot say that others may not differ...


But cutting taxes, ie not taking so much of peoples money away fro them is always a bribe.

These Lefties always manage to twist the meaning of all the words they use.

But of course taxs cuts are definitely bribery. Go figure.

Actually it's not money he's distributing, it's promises that some future government will give them money in x years' time.

Perhaps they should go and ask their granny what she thinks of government promises - you know, the one who's just having to sell her house to pay for the healthcare she thought she already paid for through a lifetime of contributions to National "Insurance".

You'd think people would learn.

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