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BBC NEWS | Politics | Tougher intruder laws ruled out

The law on the amount of force householders can use against burglars will not be changed, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has announced.

I could blog some sulky comment on this but the sun is shining, I have sneaked off work early and the "new to me" Lee Metford hasn't been tested yet. So I'm off to the field. And annoyingly the Bayonet I bought on eBay doesn't want to snap on to it - must investigate....


The socialist Labour are like an old fashion english cad. By the time you discover he is lying, you have already been screwed.

This is no longer an issue as it has slipped off the front pages of the tabloids.

Socialists have no use for any law limiting their ability to rob you - it's all about re-distributing wealth, so free-lance Socialists (burglars) are good for the Socialist version of "The Economy," in which householders are "witholders."

Culled from BBC Ticker:
LATEST: Labour's next manifesto will target 'personal prosperity for all', Tony Blair says.

Meaning: We're going to rob all of you...

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