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Compare and contrast

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tougher intruder laws ruled out

Liberal Democrat spokesman Mark Oaten welcomed the government's decision, ...
"What we would not want to do is extend that so you actually feel it's your responsibility to go down the stairs and actually attack the burglar,"

"The only thing necessary for evil
to flourish is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke


I would suggest that the law is perfectly adequate, as it already permits the use of 'reasonable force'. What should be addressed is the attitude of the dim-wits in the Police and the CPS who seem to view any level of force as unreasonable, whereas were I to encounter an uninvited stranger in my home, I would regard it as perfectly reasonable to smack him around the back of the head with a jack handle.

You need to hit him in the front of the head if you want to stand any chance of not being persecuted by the police and the CPS.

Sigh...why oh why do people vote lib dem!

Idiots one and all.

The key to Oaten's statement is that we shouldn't feel its our responsibility and that's fair enough.

Tackle the burglar if you're up to job. But if your a frail OAP, say, you should feel able to leave that to the police.

If you do happen to remove a burglar from the gene pool, just don't tell the police.

It's simple.

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