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Pay more or Else

Times Online - Britain

The Budget Commissioner believes rich countries must pay more to save idea of Europe

THE European Commission warned Britain yesterday that it must pay billions of pounds more into its coffers each year or jeopardise the future of the Union.
Dalia Grybauskaite, the European Budget Commissioner, told The Times that unless Britain and other big EU countries increased their payments to Brussels over the next seven years, the EU would be unable to provide the skills, technology and infrastructure required to compete in the global market. That, she said, could kill the idea of Europe.

In a clear challenge to the British Government, the former Lithuanian Finance Minister also said that for the greater good of Europe Britain must give up the multibillion-pound annual budget rebate that Margaret Thatcher secured in 1984.
The Commission is increasing its pressure on Britain as part of its demands for just over 1 trillion (700 billion) in member state contributions for the next seven-year budget period which starts in 2007...

Sometimes choices are easy - They want a Trillion or the EU will die. They want lots and lots of dosh or else the EU won't create competitiveness in the Global Market and the "idea of Europe" will be killed. (Remind me how much competitiveness the EU has created up to now.) I think keeping the handbag firmly closed is a good idea.


Shoot the ferkin EU & save the tax payers hard earned money

So we save money AND get rid of the EU.

They should make self assesment income tax have an optional 1% EU donation, see how many people sign up (I'm thinking about 0.00000001%). Could be a good Tory policy!

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