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Badger Badger Badger

Down on the farm we rarely talk of much else apart from TB and Badgers - the theory is that Badgers spread TB into cattle who then can give it to humans. So cull the badgers! No. Because they are cute! More Research is needed! And of course when research is tried in this country it is sabotaged by Bunny Huggers. So the news from over the water is interesting and the reactionas are predictable.

Google Search: badger TB

Countryside Alliance urges Government to use Irish badger research
Politics.co.uk, UK - Jan 11, 2005
Following the publication of the new research into badgers and bovine TB undertaken by University College, Dublin, for the Irish Government, the Countryside ...

Republic's badger cull 'not effective'
Belfast Telegraph (subscription), UK - Jan 11, 2005
... Dr Elaine King, chief executive for the National Federation of Badger Groups said ... badgers but 6.5% of Irish cattle herds were still under TB restriction while ...

Study 'proves case for badger culls'
Telegraph.co.uk, UK - Jan 9, 2005
... will come under pressure to rethink this position in the light of findings that show the effectiveness of badger culling in ridding cattle of TB in Ireland. ...

Let us cull badgers, farmers urge ministers
Telegraph.co.uk, UK - Jan 9, 2005
... Dr Elaine King, the chief executive for the National Federation of Badger Groups, said: "This trial suggests that badger culling only reduces TB in cattle if ...

A time to cull
Telegraph.co.uk, UK - Jan 9, 2005
... that reducing the badger population is the best way to contain tuberculosis in cattle. Every year, the Government spends on bovine TB compensation as much as has spent on the tsunami crisis. Ministers could save themselves this sum, and relieve our farmers from a nuisance, simply by allowing them to cull badgers, whose numbers have anyway hugely increased.


Looks to me if the jury is still out on this one, however I do need a new shaving brush.

Haha - like the Adopt a badger link in the Capitalism sidebar!

Don't think the readers here would be that interested somehow...

I agree, in that i consider TB a threat to the entire country, and support complete erradication.

The presence and influence of TB really ought to be removed from both the countryside and the towns, and i truely believe that firearms are the way to do it.

Down with TB!

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