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Lazy to spend longer in prison

BBC NEWS | Politics | Minister defends fines means test

The prisons minister has defended plans to make wealthier offenders pay higher fines than their poorer counterparts for the same offence.

So it only makes sense that Lard Arsed Benefit Scrounging Layabouts should spend longer in prison than busy Middle Class types. For your LABSLs prison isn't that different from their dear home life whereas for your workaholic busy family man the gulf is huge. Therefore to make the experience of prison "fairer" LABSLS should spend twp or three times the amount of time banged up for the same crime - No?


Is there no end to this? I really am beginning to think I've lost my mind and exist in mental loonyland. If the Tories fail to make hay with this they deserve oblivion, but how many times have I said that?!

Further moves to criminalise normal folk and let scrotes off whatever they do.

I bet this will be for crimes such as fitting the wrong windows or making a sandwich on the wrong colour cutting board.

I dunno.... I think they have a point in a way. After all, a 60 speeding fine is going to be absolutely nothing to someone on about 50,000 a year like, say, an MP. Whereas 60 is quite a bit to us ordinary folk. It kind of removes the point of having a fine as punishment if it punishes some more than others.

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