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BBC - spit

EU Referendum brings us this from the BBC.

"The Asian tsunami has provided a perfect example of the need for an effective UN under an activist Secretary General. This time Kofi Annan was quick off the mark and America's independent efforts soon looked superfluous."

I suppose I should expect it from the BBC but it has made me so angry I can't think of what to say. Bastards. And I pay for them!


One of the joys of living abroad. I donít pay for them.

Absolutely shocking. The corollary must be that the American's shouldn't be helping the victims.

This could be the most outrageous lie I have ever heard. The BBC must really bank on people not having access to information about what is really going on. Being American I don't have to pay for the BBC -- I get to pay for NPR instead. Paying for the UN is even worse.

This is some kind of a spoof right?

How I hate the idea that when hundreds of thousands are in need, somehow it is important who it is who helps them.

As more and more people wake up to whats going on, and I believe they are; it just means that organisations like the Beeb are swirling closer and closer to the drain hole of irrelevance. we can all look forward to the stunned look of surprise on the faces of those mendacious self righteous fools as they suddenly realise they're caught in the vortices. Watch for rats jumping ship in desperate panic. What a sight for sore eyes. Don't think it will happen? You watch. Lies have a way of catching up with everyone.

JA Richard (which is a great name, don't knock it), how true. I see lots of pathetic scrambles for CNN posts in their future.

Tim, of course you have to pay for the BBC; if you didn't, they wouldn't exist. They sussed that a looong time ago.

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