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Your usual Sir?

Telegraph | News | Microchip to allow wallet-free drinking

A Scottish nightclub is about to become the first in Britain to offer its customers the chance to have a microchip implanted in their arm to save them carrying cash.

The "digital wallet", the size of a grain of rice, guarantees entry to the club and allows customers to buy drinks on account. Brad Stevens, owner of Bar Soba in Glasgow, said his customers had responded enthusiastically to the idea.
The VeriChip is inserted by a medical professional and then scanned for its unique ID number as a customer enters the bar.
"There are a number of advantages, from instant access, to not having to carry money or credit cards, to letting bar staff know a customer's name and favourite drink," said Mr Stevens. "By the time you walk through the door to the bar, your favourite drink is waiting for you and the bar staff can greet you by name."

I think I prefer to go to a Pub where the Bar Staff actually know my name - though it is a pity the old account system no longer works. In the old day with Foul Mouthed Gary at the Bar I just gave him a blank cheque once a month and he sorted it - saved the pain of seeing the amount! He could even forge my signature to make life even easier...


It'll never work - Scotsmen proverbially have short arms and deep pockets.

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