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Gardening tips

I am distressed to learn that the British are punishing America by inflicting upon them Ground Force America

Ground Force, the exciting garden transformation show, comes to the USA to turn neglected backyards into brand-new beautiful and lush spaces.

Please don't take these quick change merchants with "water features" "decking" etc as real British Gardening. It takes time and neglect to make a real blowsey beauty of a garden.

I can pass on the advice I believe Lord Rothschild offered : "No matter how small your garden is, you should aim to have a minimum of a quarter of an acre of natural woodland in it."


Ground Force America's been around for three seasons already. That's three years, at least. One with Alan, two without. It's horrid, because it's a whole hour, so they stretch it out with watching Tommy and Charlie wander around American cities having a grand time and commenting on things. They even had a float in the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

Heck Ive been trying to think of a way I could sucker them into doing my perfectly blank backyard...all that hard labor and publicity too!

I guess it costs a pretty penny though. I can plant all the little weeds I want...its the backbraking work Im too lazy to do.

Actually, I much prefer Ground Force and Changing Rooms to the American versions. If the American designers of those shows came to my house to inflict their horrors at someones bequest, theyd have to scrap airing those shows, because Id punch them out. The Brits are much nicer, really!

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